AA Total Blast
Mobile Paint Stripping

We can travel to your location with our self contained mobile unit.

AA Total Blast
Mobile Surface Preparation

We provide on-site removal of paint, powder coat, rust, or just about any unwanted surface coating or debris.

Mobile Paint Stripping & Surface Preparation

Welcome to A.A. Total Blast, the newly formed automotive/industrial division of Aerospares Accessories Inc. We've been providing the aerospace industry with refurbished aircraft parts for over 20 years. During this period we have stripped, blasted and refurbished a wide array of aircraft parts.

Early in 2014 we decided to take this experience to the next level, and include the automotive / marine and industrial sectors. Our recent procurement of the DB500 dual axle mobile dustless blast unit has expanded our capabilities in a BIG way. We can now travel to your location with a self contained mobile unit, and provide on-site removal of paint / powder coat / rust / corrosion / glues / mortar and just about any unwanted surface coating or debris.

Mobile Service
We Come To You!

A.A. Total Blast will arrive with everything necessary to completely strip your item on site at your location.

Send it to us!

Our in house blast cabinets allow us to remove coatings from a variety of smaller items with various media forms.

We'll Pick it Up
Just give us a call

Our dual axle trailer will travel to your location, retrieve your item(s) return them once ready.

Drop it Off
Bring it to us

If you are in the area and wish to drop your items at our facility, just call ahead and come on by.

This non-toxic, safe and dustless technology allows us to remove coaings faster and with little to no mess or airborne dust. The dustless blasting system incorporates a rust inhibitor agent mixed in with the water and media, which will provide a paint or primer ready surface (unlike soda blasting which leaves a base on the metal). As well as the new dustless mobile unit, we have upgraded our contained in house blast cabinets. Our new cabinet allows us to handle much larger items than before. This new addition allows us to handle items up to 58 inches in length and the door opening allows 29 x 29 inch items to be easily loaded. This new machine allows us to handle all your smaller stripping jobs, such as wheels, cylinder heads, intake manifolds, brakes etc.

If you prefer not to have your vehicle or item stripped at your place we offer convienient trailer pick up and delivery service, as well as a rotisserie should you need a complete 360 degree service. Trust your next project, no matter how big or small, to the experts at A.A. Total Blast. We have the expertise and equipment to get the job done right.


Just some of the many ways in which AA Total Blast can work for you.

The dustless blasting system is the perfect solution for most any stripping job on the planet. The dustless system provides quick, thorough removal of all types of coatings found in every industry. Whether the application is automotive, aircraft, boats / marine scale, cement mixing tools, food plants, fleet paint removal, gas refinery, graffiti, log homes, machinery, mezzanines, plant railings and steps, rust removal, trailers, u-boats........ok well you get the point, its practical uses are endless.

Thin steel, Aluminum

This system is primarialy useful in stripping thin metal and aluminum surfaces of paint and coatings. Unlike sand blasting the dustless system lowers the temperature of the surface being blasted so it WILL NOT WARP thin panels.

Boats and Cars

Quick and safe removal of paints or other coatings on fiberglas boats, cars, or other items.

Brick and Stone

Sand-blasting can damage brick, but AA Total Blast gently, yet thorougly, removes paint safely from brick or stone.

Imagine getting your pride and joy vehicle back from the sand blaster only to find you need to spend hundreds of hours on body work to straighten the panels his equipment warped! Not with the dustless system, with our system you get a primer-ready surface delivered to your door. The dustless system will also remove many coatings and substrates which could not be removed with conventional blasting methods even soda! Get the future of coating removal today, at A A Total Blast.

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Here is a description of our services in more detail.

Mobile Services

A.A. Total Blast will load up the DB500 dual axle mobile trailer, along with sufficient water supply, hold tight 102 ( rust inhibitor ) if required, and media to completely strip your item on site at your location.

If needed a containment area will be set up in order for us to easily remove the used abraisive material and debris upon job completion. Although the material left is biodegradeable you may want it removed from and hard surface ( I.E. paved driveway, concrete slab etc. )

This service is obviously the only choice for immoveable items such as grain bins, graffiti removal, plant structure maintenance and the like.

In-House Services

Our in house blast cabinets allow us to remove coatings from a variety of smaller items with various media forms. Plastic media is perfect to remove paint from items and will not harm chrome or anodized surfaces.

Glass abrasive media is the choice for removing rust, corrosion and paint from most steel parts. Primary applications would pertain to the automotive or transport industry and include brake components, wheels, intake manifolds, exhaust parts, turbochargers and simular items.

These items are most often shipped to our location by courier, and returned the same way upon completion.


Although the dustless blasting process provides little to no airborne dust, you may reside in an area where it is impractical for us to strip your item at your location.

In these rare cases we offer our convienient pick-up and delivery service.

Our dual axle trailer will travel to your location, retrieve your item(s) return to our location where the parts will be completely stripped per your instructions and again returned to you once completed.

Alternatively, if you are in the area and wish to drop your items at our facility, this is welcomed during regular business hours of Mon-Fri. 8-5 or any other time by appointment. Please call ahead of time to ensure we are not out with the mobile, on vacation or at a show.

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You guys do an amazing job, and it's environmentally friendly and easy on the car I had done.

Robert B.

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